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Training points calculation for players - HTMS Points

HTMS points explaination in HT forum

The points here below are made to understand which is the training potential of a player, regarding his skill and his age. The first thing we have done has been to build a table assigning a different points to each level and each skill, according to the new training speed. The HTMS points try to answer the question: is ahead on the training a player with titanic scoring and passable passing or one with world class in scoring and outstanding passing? If I train the first in passing and the second one in scoring, which one will reach first the skills of the other? Calculating the points of the two players we can understand at a glance which one is better: is the one with the higher points and he will be the player who will first reach the other if trained in the other skill. Moreover is shown the absolut points of player when 28yo if trained with solid coach, assistant coaches of total level 8 (8.23 to be more precise) and 10% stamina share, that are the points that the player will reach at 28yo if constantly trained, and it is a way to compare players of different ages.

If you're using foxtrick: you'll have a module called HTMSPoints that will show two values in the player page: the current points and the points at 28 years in the format: xxx / yyy

Years Days
Playmaking Passing
Winger Defense
Scoring Set pieces
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